Incontinence Products

Milliken Medical is the right partner to help you capitalize on the growing demand across the country for reliable and affordable incontinence supplies. Our vast stock of incontinence protection products includes briefs and diapers, incontinence pads, bladder control underwear, underwear liners for adults and kids, skin care items, cleaning cloths and wipes, and many more bladder leakage products.

Drop-Shipping Services from Milliken Medical

Home Delivery Services

Our home delivery service means we can ship incontinence products anywhere in the country on your behalf – expanding your customer reach far beyond your local delivery area while also lowering your inventory costs. Talk to your Milliken Medical representative today about the convenience, efficiency, savings and growth potential drop-shipping can provide for your business.

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Briefs & Diapers

Briefs and Diapers

Adult Disposable Briefs

Disposable briefs look and feel like standard underwear, but offer tear-away sides for easy removal. They are available with varying degrees of absorbency, and offer moisture-wicking capabilities to help keep the skin dry and odor-control to prevent embarrassment.

Briefs and Diapers

Adult Reusable Briefs

An eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to disposable products. The perfect solution for active adults who experience moderate leakage and drips throughout the day, or who experience part-time incontinence and don’t require heavy protection. They are discreet and comfortable, and their tear-away sides allow for easy removal. They can also be used in conjunction with other products such as pads, underpads and mattress pads.

Briefs and Diapers

Youth Disposable Briefs

These underwear-like products for younger users, primarily for those with overnight incontinence issues. They are specifically designed to match the body types and proportions of children and youth to offer the highest level of comfort, absorbency, leak prevention and odor control, reducing the risk of embarrassing accidents.

Briefs and Diapers

Baby & Toddler Disposable Diapers

The most convenient solution to the 10 or more daily diaper changes babies require. Disposable diapers are designed for maximum absorbency, leak prevention and odor control.



Disposable Underpads

These single-use disposable pads absorb moisture, protecting beds, furniture and wheelchairs and other items used by individuals or patients with bladder control issues. They are also engineered to keep skin dry, eliminate odor, control bacteria, and neutralize pH.


Reusable Underpads

These machine-washable pads absorb moisture, protecting beds, furniture and wheelchairs and other items used by individuals or patients with bladder control issues.

Liners & Pads

Liners and Pads

Items such as pant liners and booster pads provide additional absorption when used in conjunction with other wearable incontinence protection products, or can be used individually to protect from light recurrent or unpredictable incontinence.

Wipes & Cloths

Wipes and Cloths

Wet Wipes

Premoistened washcloths, wipes, and towelettes are a must for personal hygiene and delicate care of patients. They can take the place of harsh soaps for cleansing and require no rinsing. Many contain ingredients to soothe skin as well.

Wipes and Cloths

Dry Wipes

Cloth and soft-spun fabric dry wipes can be used to gently dry sensitive skin and can be moistened also for cleaning. They are well suited to incontinence care or applying skin care treatments.